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Has it been over ten years since you’ve had an electrical panel upgrade? As you keep adding new electrical appliances to your home, you should ensure your electrical panel can handle all of that extra power.

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When your electrical system can barely keep the lights on, it may be time for electrical panel replacement services. Keep your electrical equipment current to minimize the fire risk and ensure all of your appliances can operate at peak efficiency. When you rely on us for electrical panel replacement services, we’ll ensure your new breaker panel can support all the energy your home produces.

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Frequent Questions


How long should electrical panels last?

An electrical panel can last anywhere from 25 to 40 years on average. Power surges and normal wear and tear can cause this number to vary.


Why does my electrical panel smell funny?

If your electrical panel smells funny, you should call Upgrade Services immediately. When circuit breaker panels fail, it can lead to a house fire. Burning smells are often plastic or wood when the electrical wire’s plastic jacket melts, or the wood and insulation in your walls sear. 


Why are my lights in my house flickering?

Multiple flickering lights can be unsettling. This issue is usually caused by faulty home wiring. Since circuit issues can be dangerous, call an electrician for a quick diagnosis.


Why are my breakers tripping all the time?

Circuit breakers are designed to trip and cut power to overloaded circuits. This design protects you from too much power in your electrical system, but it can also mean your panel needs upgrading.