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There are many reasons you may need electrical wiring services in your home. Whether you’re hiding wires while mounting a TV or rerouting them for a home renovation project, count on Upgrade Services, LLC to do the job correctly.

We know exactly what to avoid while installing electrical wiring, so you won’t have to revisit this process again. Talk to an electrical expert from our team today to discuss our wiring services.

  • Outlet Installation & Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • Light Fixtures
  • Whole House Wiring
  • Car Charging Station
  • Hiding Wires for TV Mounting
  • Ring Doorbells & Security Systmes
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You can trust Upgrade Services for your new construction electrical wiring needs. When you’re building a new home, electrical connectivity is something you want to get right the first time. Poor electrical wiring can lead to flickering lights, shocks, and fire.

With a combined 50 years of experience doing electrical work, our team knows just what to do. Call today and schedule one of our expert electricians to discuss new electrical needs. 

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Frequent Questions


Is it difficult to add an outlet to an existing finished room?

Each job is different, depending on where you want it installed. Call us today to give you a price to add power where it’s needed.


Why do my plugs keep falling out of my outlets?

The most common cause of loose outlets is wear and tear on the contact points. However, bad wiring can also result in dangerous heat and sparks.


Why are my lights in my house flickering?

Multiple flickering lights can be unsettling. This issue is usually caused by faulty home wiring. Since circuit issues can be dangerous, call an electrician for a quick diagnosis.


Can you install an outlet inside my existing fireplace?

If you are looking to install a new gas insert or fireplace, you’ll need an electrician to add a new outlet inside your firebox or wire up a switch to turn on your new fireplace.